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The Real Thing and how Matthew Papadopoulos sees it.

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Life isn't always perfect but is incredibly real and love makes everything bearable. That's the lesson in Matthew Papadopoulos's screenplay, The Real Thing. We reached out to Matthew for a chat and he was very kind to respond to us.

After Hour : Which aspect(s) of writing does thrill you the most? What do you enjoy the most while writing?

Matthew : The most thrilling part of writing is the first draft – after the foundational work of characterization and story treatment is complete. It’s the first time I get to create and ‘see’ every scene as if it's unfolding on the screen.

For me, writing dialogue – or ‘breathing life’ into my characters - is easily the most enjoyable part of writing.

After Hour : Please tell us a bit about your creative process - how do you think of a plot, how do you build your characters, etc. 

Matthew : My creative process usually unfolds by developing a concept or idea, followed by the creation of characters with specific traits and dispositions who when placed in particular circumstances, fashion the plot of the story.

After Hour : This might sound crazy, but have you ever developed a special bond with any of the characters you have created so far?

Matthew : The Real Thing is a Romantic Comedy where I empathically put myself in my protagonist’s place and felt the heady thrill and euphoria of falling in love for the first time all over again. In that respect, this story was a constant joy to ‘inhabit’ – if that’s crazy, then let craziness be the food of love.

Matthew Papadopoulos

After Hour : What do you do when you are not writing?

Matthew : Reading non-fiction by day, and watching a movie by night, are my usual solitary activities. Golf occasionally messes up this schedule!

After Hour : Please tell us a bit about other projects you have been working on.

Matthew : I have a high concept political thriller that I’m keen to write, but right now I’m doing what I can to find a producer who will like The Real Thing as much as they should in order to take it down that road.

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