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The Finellis - A Review

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

The Finellis is a situational comedy directed by Joris Hermans. While most such comedies are made with the sheer purpose of making people laugh, The Finellis will also leave you with a sense of comfort like a warm hand in a cold weather.

A special mention is well deserved by Mark Janicello who not only writes and produces the show, but also plays the protagonist Tony Finelli. Janicello's script is crisp, does not let your mind wander away. His performance is honest and to the point. The other actors such as Timo Merkhoffer, Bianca Karsten, George Pollock, Phyllis Pastore, Sophie-Rose Middleton and Gabriela Burkhardt play different key characters as the Finelli clan. They are apt and disarmingly charming. Director Hermans succeeds in telling us a tale which tickles the funny bones while reiterating that hope is eternal.

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