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The Breathing Moon Tells Us Stories of Hope

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

We came across a script written by writer, Jeffrey Morin. The story-line is simple and that's why so beautiful.

A father in Italy tells his two children a story of the breathing moon, in the night, in his bed, as the moon peers in through the French doors of the balcony. The hunting sound of breathing weaves it’s way through the bedroom as the evening folds. The breathing moon leaves behind hope as the story concludes. The name of the story is The Breathing Moon. We reached out to Jeffrey to ask him few questions about his work and himself. Here, we present the same to you.

After Hour : The Breathing Moon is a beautiful story, beautifully told. Please tell us how you conceived the idea and a bit about your creative process. 

Jeffrey : This story came about as my emotional response to the current situation in the world with the Corona virus. The week before I wrote it my daughter became ill and then her youngest got a fever that lasted for three days. That pulled me first hand into this and my response was to open up and feel as others in the world may be feeling regarding some of the helplessness. And to me, breathing is such a fundamental need. It is life itself and that seems to be sucked away by this virus. The story was a next step and my response of how a father would help his children deal with a missing mother even if only for a short time. The images of the Italians on their porches framed this story perfectly. Made it intimate and raw.

After Hour : Which is your favorite genre of writing?

Jeffrey : I am into drama and poetic romance.

After Hour : Please tell us a bit about your background, your growing up years, inspirations, etc.

Jeffrey : I grew up in a dysfunctional family an only boy I had my own bedroom and when the night became wild with a drunken father and helpless mother I would escape inside story. That was not all the time. My father also encouraged art and I played classical violin, acted and told story. I spent a lot of time out in nature, woods, parks, swamps observing life. Odd for a 10 year old but it gave me a connection to the earth.

After Hour : As a writer, what are some of the roadblocks you face and how do you overcome them?

Jeffrey : Roadblocks are to make a story real and believable. The characters, for me come to life thru dialogue. If that does not flow when I sit down to write. I walk away, I run with my dogs and say the lines over and over and over again until they sound honest. Then I fold nature over that and it becomes real for me. 

After Hour : What are the other projects you are currently working on?

Jeffrey : Currently working on a feature that will turn into a possible series about a poet and playwright dealing with the muse he finds out while wandering and placing them inside story, wanting to leave behind a legacy of inspiration. 

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