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Samantha Dedicates Her Dreams To A God Unknown

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

We came across the experimental short To A God Unknown, written and directed by Samantha Casella and what moved us about the film was its simple yet brilliant way of blending of literature with visual art. The end result was visual poetry!

We connected with Samantha for a brief chat about her life's journey and works and she won us again with her poignant answers.

After Hour : Please tell us about your experience directing your first film, Juliette. 

Samantha : Juliette represents my proof of direction required by the film school I attended.

My first short film, "Juliette" was my final exam required by the Cinema School I attended.

I remember I was very excited and at the same time full of uncertainties.

If even the stage representation was very easy (just a room with two actors) the content was difficult to manage to a beginner like me, just as the direction of the actors was not easy (a dialogue between a condemned to death and a priest).

However, it was a great experience and during the shooting I gained an awareness of how important the actors are, I think much more than a director.

After Hour : From Juliette to this one - To A God Unknown, how was the journey?

Samantha : Very long but equally beautiful. I continued my path regarding short films and in parallel I made documentaries that turning around the art's world... Some experiences helped me a lot, also to grow up as a person. I've been very lucky.

Samantha Casella, Writer & Director

After Hour : Which is your favorite genre of film-making?

Samantha : I love various genre and directors different from each other. My first idol was Ingmar Bergman, followed by Kieslowski and Kubrick... while from ten years I have a pure veneration for Terrence Malick.

At the same time I adore the cinema of Tarantino, Lynch P.T. Anderson, Scorsese, Shyamalan and Jordan Peele.

So many different genres!

After Hour : What are your words of advice to aspiring women film-makers?

Samantha : I'm not too good to give advice. The key for me has been my love for art, for literature, and cinema of course. I could recommend studying, to seeing as many films as possible, to reading as many books as possible. But I think each of us is destined for our own personal path. The only advice is to bring out the own inner world. This stands true irrespective of the gender.

After Hour : How do you think your art, as a film-maker and as a woman film-maker, impact the audience?

Samantha : What a difficult question. I hope that my being a woman does not influence anyone's judgments, positively or negatively. I want to believe in the discipline of work and in a sort of intellectual honesty that goes beyond gender. I want to believe in the public and in their ability to recognize honest or dishonest products.

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