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Ms. Blanche Baker On Making America Safe

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

An esteemed actress on stage, television and large screen, Ms. Blanche Baker finds directing rewarding these days. We found her musical short's subject to be socially relevant and music to be soothing.

We ended up chatting with her and asking the following questions and she poured out her heart about what makes her creative clock tick.

After Hour : Ms. Baker, we understand Make America Safe is very close to your heart for both personal and professional reasons, do you believe in making films that hold a meaning to you personally? 

Blanche Baker : I like to focus on subjects that are relevant to what is going on in the world today. My first short film was about freedom of speech and this one is about the gun control. I work with my students in the films and it is interesting for me to see them become active in political debate as a result of working on the projects. Young people standing up for values is inspiring at a time when social action is a rising force in the face of divisiveness and exclusion.

After Hour : You wear two different hats, one of an actor and the other of a director, which one do you enjoy the most? 

Blanche Baker : When I was young, I greatly enjoyed acting but now I find teaching and directing very rewarding. It is wonderful to spend time with young people and instill confidence in them along with an appreciation of acting as an art.

After Hour : You have acted on stage and in front of the camera, which experience do you find most satisfying as a creative personality?

Blanche Baker : I loved the theatre until I had kids and had to get up in the morning so I couldn't be getting home at 1am after a show! As long as I’m involved in a creative endeavor, I’m happy.

After Hour : What are the factors do you think are responsible for the way you perceive art?

Blanche Baker : I have spent my entire career in the creative arts.  I also studied sculpture when I lived in Rome as a teenager.  So when I look at art or view a performance, I feel I can appreciate the tremendous effort  and dedication it takes to make something truly moving and inspiring.

After Hour : What is your upcoming project?

Blanche Baker : I have a role in an independent film “Alice Fades Away” and I’m hoping that it will play the festival circuit and get distribution. It’s a fairy tale horror film that was beautifully shot and I’m a fan of the writer/director, Ryan Bliss.

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