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Michael Gavino Talks To Us For The Greater Good

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Michael Gavino, Producer; Writer & Actor

As a boy, Michael Gavino grew up in Maryland where in the woods he wondered about all sorts of fanciful stories. In his own words, since his childhood he has been fascinated with unintended consequences.

In his film, For The Greater Good, he explores such consequences where people try to do good but the end result is somewhat different.

We caught up with Michael Gavino and asked him few quick questions about the film.

After Hour : Tell us what is fascinating about B/W or period film-making.

Michael Gavino : Black and white filmmaking has a classic quality. This can add to the timeless quality of a piece. Also, the audience is no longer influenced by color, and this increase other factors such as story, character development, the use of light and shadow. I think proper use of black and white really adds to the power and emotion of certain stories.

After Hour : What kind of films do you believe in making?

Michael Gavino : I believe in making films that try to say something profound about humanity. Indeed, I think this is the joy of filmmaking. With a few feet of celluloid, you can touch people you never met, in places you've never been, for years to come.

After Hour : What inspired you to make For The Greater Good ?

Michael Gavino : For The Greater Good came out of a dream I had. I think it shows a major human shortcoming. Sometimes in the pursuit of doing good, we can do great evil.

After Hour : What is your favorite genre of films? 

Michael Gavino : I would have to choose two: Drama and Sci/fi. A well done drama can truly say something about the time we live in or who we are as people. A well done Sci/fi can do the same, but it is free from the constraints of the real world. It can pick up on a trend or aspect(s) of modern life and create a world around it, and we can see what it could lead to.

After Hour : Which aspect of film-making thrills you the most?

Michael Gavino : I think the aspect of filmmaking that thrills me the most is getting at a truism or something profound about life and humanity. Art, at its most powerful, can truly explore who we are as people, and film can do this as well as any mediums. With so many elements such as light, shadow, acting, directing, film stock etc... Film can touch people on a level that other mediums cannot.

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