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Marantha Gospel Does Interesting Things For Ajibola Taiwo

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Let us first explain this heading to you! Marantha Gospel is an interesting script written by Ajibola Taiwo. The subject shows the writer's capability to choose brilliant, out of the box subject for his scripts. Also, his capability to deal with and execute such ideas. We shall not give out spoilers about the script and story-line, rather, we shall publish the conversation we had with him regarding his script and life.

After Hour : Marantha Gospel has a unique plot. What inspired you to write this script?

Ajibola : When I created Marantha Gospel I was heavily inspired by Hotel Transylvania but when I wanted to publish my first draft I paid too much respect to my inspiration. So my second and final draft would be a more interesting and explorative story revolving mostly around teenager monsters and a dim-witted, explorative and modest fairy named Betilla replacing Johnny. That way I can recreate, refine and recapture the Hotel Transylvania experience but with more fantasy to brighten both the screenplay and film (if ever it comes onto the big screen) for audiences and myself to enjoy and relate to.

After Hour : Please tell us a bit about your writing career, your inspirations etc. 

Ajibola : My career as a writer began in 2017 when I trying to write another screenplay which I’m still working on right now, “Astro Girl”. As I stated in the aforementioned response, my first draft paid too much respect to the my obvious inspiration for that project “Astro Boy”,  my first draft of my first ever screenplay was a direct carbon copy of Astro Boy that wasn’t even formatted properly. The second draft was a poor executed attempt to blend “Astro Boy” and “How To Train Your Dragon” together. I never revisited the project until almost a month later where I decided to become a true, innovative, dedicated and versatile screenwriter who understood how to format screenplays and apply multiple storytelling techniques. My inspirations are mainly Disney, Pixar, Marvel, DC, and Japanese manga primarily Shonen Jump, as I too wish to create memorable stories that can resonate with audiences forever.

After Hour : Which genre of writing do you prefer?

Ajibola : The genres I prefer writing are: action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, romance and family.

After Hour : What is it that you enjoy most about writing?

Ajibola : The aspects with regards to writing that I always enjoy are: exposition, themes, character arcs and world-setting.

After Hour : Do you see yourself in any other role other than that of a writer?

Ajibola : Other roles I could fill the movie industry are acting and directing.

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