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Laura Pointdexter Chooses Good Over Evil Everyday.

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

What drew us to Laura Pointdexter's musical short, Choose This Day was perhaps it's honesty. Layering honest emotions with a creative process takes a lot of gut and Laura shows the right amount of it.

We chatted with Laura Pointdexter about art and life and her responses were as brilliant as her work.

After Hour : As an artist, do you find solace in art? Please tell us a bit on this.

Laura : Yes, I do find solace in my art, it's my happy place. I've always wanted to be a creative, but my life a detour. Now that I'm finally here, this is it for me. I wake up thinking about my next story and or project. The process is effortless because creating runs through my veins. I equally enjoy assisting others in finding their creative groove. There is a passion and pulse of creating that fuels me. I'm very grateful that my dreams survived my life.

After Hour : Which part of filmmaking do you enjoy the most?

Laura : Good question, I would have to say that the production part of filmmaking is my favorite because of the many challenges. A good producer knows how to make all of the pieces fit. Production requires you to know a little bit of everything during the filmmaking process. All of those little things if put together properly renders one big thing; a great finished product.

After Hour : Which genre of writing excites you?

Laura : Real life stories, hands down. I'm a huge fan of documentaries. There are so many personal stories that need to be told. My creative juices are most excited about any opportunity to tell non-fiction stories.

Laura PointDexter - Actress, Producer & Writer

After Hour : Please tell us a bit about your "The Literary Corner" days - how did they lead you to the world of visual arts?

Laura : I see you have done your research! "The Literary Corner" was birthed during my transition from corporate to creative. It started as a platform for written works. Authors, Playwrights, Screenwriters and just evolved to a multi-layered broadcast including a poetry, music, entrepreneur, and small business segment. I produced a total of 213 free shows that aspired to inspire. Paying it forward really paved the way for my here and now.

After Hour : Please tell us a bit about your upcoming projects.

Laura : Well "TheSoulWriter" is very busy. I will be finishing out the year with "Cameras Rolling" an expose' on the deficiencies of independent filmmaking. This is a co-concept with Lester Greene who is my anchor in the industry. In early 2021 I will be reviving the role of Sonia Steele in "The Grind" an adaptation of the stage play "Where It All Goes Down" by Natalie E. Davis. Last but most certainly not least, I will be filming my multi-award winning screenplay "Choose This Day" On this project I will be the writer, co-producer, co-director, executive producer and actress...No Pressure.

I would just like to say in closing that The After Film Festival was simply amazing. Your communication, this Q & A and the overall value of the festival as it relates to entry fees shows that your platform is truly vested in the promotion of the visual arts. Thank you again for this exceptional platform!

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