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Florence Nahon's Wolves Got Her An Award!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

What intrigued us the most while reading Florence Nahon's White Wolf, Black Wolf, is the tenderness with which she portrays the darkest of the characters. This, in fact, was our opening question to her. The more we read, we felt need the need of connecting with her.

We got in touch with Florence Nahon and she was very kind in sparing her time for this interview with us.

After Hour : Your characters are both dark and tender at the same time. When you create them, what does your creative process entail? 

Florence : When I create my characters ,  I create them using my own moral teaching and personal experiences to maintain the very real personal and feminine touch.  As a self-confessed representative of the modern and independent woman,  my characters can be dark and tender at the same time, as it happens in real life.

After Hour : What satisfies you the most as a writer? 

Florence : What  satisfies me the most as a writer is the desire to excel.  

After Hour : What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Florence : What stands out is  my original style. Moralistic and surpassing the boundaries,  which means that it is impossible to limit me to any one specific style.  I am a prolific writer of Fiction, Drama, Thriller,  Comedy and Science Fiction Screenplays. 

After Hour : Out of the screenplays you have written or the characters you have created, which is the one most special to you?

Florence : The most special for me is Bella, the screenplay is "BELLA LOBA".   The story is about a scientist who finds the antidote to his daughter's Lupus via the blood of an injured wolf.  My daughter has inspired me in my life and in this script.

She is young and beautiful, but has Lupus and for me, nothing is more inspiring that writing from real people who manifest their dreams and who have found ways of turning obstacles into opportunities.

After Hour : Please tell us about an experience (preferably early) that made you realize the power of words (language). 

Florence : I appropriate the language and use it as best suits me, because it is one of the few things in which, in truth, there is no limit. It is the real power of words.

After Hour : In White Wolf, Black Wolf, which was the most difficult scene to write? 

Florence : The most difficult scene to write was the scene where Edmond dies. He is the main character and I wanted a happy ending for him.

After Hour : What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Florence : When I am not writing, I am thinking about what I will write in my next script.  When I am not working in my clothes Boutique, I like staying at home with my pets

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