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Doug Werby's No Tricks Are Full of Delightful Tricks

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

The best thing about the film No Tricks, directed by Douglas Werby is its differently refreshing narrative. Shot entirely in San Fransisco CA, No Tricks tells the story of a chance encounter between two men from different worlds. This encounter brings in some change and unexpected wisdom.

We had a chat with Douglas Werby to know and understand more about his line of work, creative process etc.

After Hour : How was the experience of shooting No Tricks?

Doug : Incredibly satisfying to put the entire project together from start to finish.

After Hour : What are the challenges that you faced before you began?

Doug : Finding a compelling, true story to base the script on. Casting antagonist character. And the anxiety of shooting a scene at a functioning train station.

After Hour : Which aspect of film-making do you enjoy the most?

Doug : Directing talent and editing while designing the highest quality images possible.

Douglas Werby directing the actors

After Hour : When you were making No tricks, what part of the process had your most intense focus?

Doug : Trying to direct and act after midnight following a long day of filming required my most focus. Establishing and maintaining a certain tone and mood  throughout the short required intense focus.

After Hour : How would you like to challenge yourself as a film-maker?

Doug : Continue to create redeeming stories based on real events. Hopefully sell the idea as a streaming series.

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