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Castles and mysteries? We are in!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Victoria Napolitano, Writer & Director

What drew us towards Victoria Napolitano's thriller, Castle Mysteries on the French Riviera was her statement - "I love creating stories around the personalities of people I meet when I travel."

Now we are not sure how many people know this, but we being thriller buffs, had read an old interview of the mystery queen, Agatha Christie, who had mentioned that she drew inspirations in a similar fashion!

The mystery is deep here and the premise is wonderful.

We asked Victoria few questions about her film and herself.

After Hour : You have given a very interesting statement about how you draw inspirations from the people you meet while you travel. Can you please tell us a bit more on this?

Victoria : Every person I have met has given me another perspective in life. They have shown me other ways to view the world around me. This gives me an edge when creating my films and stories.

After Hour : What was your first film and when was it released?

Victoria : Levine Cabineau, A mystery Film in 2012.

After Hour : As a film-maker, which aspects of your job do you find most rewarding?

Victoria : The final project and most importantly promoting and rewarding all the people involved. It gives me great pleasure to give them.a Congratulations on a job well done.

Behind the scenes are so many people. Experience and novice they all appreciates winning. 

After Hour : Do you have a thing for mystery or do you explore other genres too while making a film?

Victoria : Besides mysteries, I love romance, documentaries, and movies that make you think.

After Hour : Tell us a bit about your other projects.

Victoria : My projects are haute couture design, luxury  magazines and my international radio station.  I love storytelling and music. I also do styling and I have my own line of makeup and skincare. 

My theme is BEAUTY & GLAMOUR. 

Old Hollywood style is my absolute favorite!

I love making women and men feel beautiful and handsome.  The look of excitement in their eyes when they see themselves dresses up and styled to perfection  is priceless to me.

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