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Aswin Ramachandran introduces us to Wolf & Duce

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Though a short documentary, Wolf & Duce, directed by Aswin Ramachandran is highly experimental in nature in terms of its narrative and structure. We chatted up with Aswin about the film and himself.

After Hour : Can you tell us an interesting anecdote while you were shooting the film, Wolf & Duce?

Aswin : I shot the film in November & December across 6 cities along the east coast of United States. The final scene was supposed to be shot in a forest trail. I chose Binky Lee Preserve in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. I was shooting from afternoon 2 till 4.30 PM. The plan was to shoot along the medium distance trail. I was walking towards the starting point of the loop, where I had parked my car. At that time, a couple came walking towards me with 2 dogs with a long leash. Both the dogs came running towards me, rattling me. I got scared and started walking fast, not realizing that I was walking in the opposite direction. By the time I realized my mistake, it had become 5:30 and it became dark. I was somewhere near the mid point. Suddenly panic started engulfing me because getting lost in a trail during daylight is one thing but a cold December evening is something else totally. I kept walking for 10 mins and I had no choice other than to switch on my mobile flashlight. I was worried how long my mobile battery will last and now my mind started wondering the possibilities of a rescue if I am lost inside this preserve. It was scary because the trail was full of the fallen leaves and the trail was not even visible in some areas. I kept walking and I could feel dryness in my tongue. By around 6 PM, the part of the trail I was walking started feeling familiar and around 6:15, I reached the point from where I could see my parked car. My adrenaline rush subsided only after getting into my car. I will never ever forget those 2 dogs that made me go through the scariest moment of my life.

After Hour : What roadblocks did you face while you were starting as a filmmaker?

Aswin : The biggest difficulty was to decide on what camera to buy, what all equipment you need for a film shoot. Some of the basics have to be learnt the hard way like I bought a Sony alpha 6000 and funnily the A6000 does not have a 3.5 mm jack, so you have no choice but to buy a mic that was made for this type of camera. After that, blocking the shot was really difficult. I knew in theory about the 180 degree rule but with me, handling the camera as well, I didn't realize that I unintentionally broke the rule. It took some time for me to get used to the basics.

After Hour : Can you tell us a bit about your other projects?

Aswin : Other than Wolf & Duce, I have made 3 short films - Untitled First Short, M for Madness & I like You. Currently working on the script for the next short, tentatively titled 'All Seeing Eye of God'.

After Hour : Which film has influenced or inspired you the most?

Aswin : Two Films - Giuseppe Tornatore's Cinema Paradiso & Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris

After Hour : What advice do you have for young filmmakers like yourself?

Aswin : Its awkward to give advice. As film makers we should keep learning and make films that benefit society in some way.

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