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Alexander Osman Shares The Knowledge With Us!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Alright! We don't intend to confuse our readers. Alexander Osman is a film director of repute who had submitted his film, The Knowledge to us. The plot and the treatment of the film intrigued us and we got in touch with Alex for an interview with us.

After Hour : The film that you have submitted to us is a thriller. However, you have experience of making films of other genres. Which one do you enjoy making the most?

Alexander : I enjoy films that cross-genre in some way, particularly those that have dark narratives and conflicted characters but are also funny. I particularly like finding ways to challenge and subvert the many troupes that are associated with specific genres like thrillers.

After Hour : You are also the writer of the film, The Knowledge. Do you usually write the films you direct? What is your inspiration?

Alexander : I'm happy to direct both my own stories and those of other writers. This approach creates the ideal balance of being able to explore personal themes and ideas as well as enjoying the impact and thrill of discovering new narratives. Inspiration can come from anywhere: conversation, exhibitions, reading, music - and sometimes just out of the blue. 'The Knowledge' was inspired by a scene in a novel written by a friend of mine. It follows the lives of two similar characters involved in a series of murders around North London, circa 1990.

After Hour : You prepare brand films or advertisements as well. How have these experiences shaped you as a director?

Alexander : Working on commercial and corporate projects is a great way to learn and hone one's filmmaking craft. Clients demand strong and clear messaging that matches their brand ethos and stands-out amongst the competition. They also need a quality product delivered under tight deadlines. All of this builds your ability to make quick and accurate decisions under pressure, manage budgets and work with a variety of opinions and influences.

After Hour : Which aspect of film-making do you enjoy the most?

Alexander : As a writer, director, editor and an occasional producer, I get involved at all stages of the film-making process and find each role has its own delights. I really enjoy the collaborative environment of working on-set with actors and crew - an excellent antidote to the isolation of writing. Finalising the edit is very satisfying as this is when all the creative pieces come together - though it can also be terrifying for obvious reasons.

After Hour : What are your upcoming projects?

Alexander : I have a couple of short films ready to shoot this year for which I'm looking for creative collaborators. I also have two feature film treatments - one for The Knowledge, and a TV series I'm currently pitching. On top of all that I am working on a 360° film for a global travel client and short-form web series.

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