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A Slice of Rural India Like Never Before

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

It is often said and is perhaps true, "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". The motor cyclist duo, Kapil Dev Sharma and Diwas Pant, surely have eyes for beauty. They call themselves Riders On A Motorcycle and were thoughtful to capture the essence of their rides through the unknown rural trails of India as a documentary named R.O.AM - Riders On A Motorcycle. We reached out to the duo and had a small chat with them about the documentary.

After Hour : So you collaborate because of your mutual love for bikes, jeeps and roads! How did the two of you meet and decided to do documentary film-making together? We mean what was that moment when the two of you decided to go for it!

Kapil : Diwas and I have been friends for over 5 years. We went on a road trip to Ramgarh, Rajasthan and one evening, the idea of bringing unexplored India to people’s living room took shape. Ramgarh is culturally rich and we realized that most of India does not even know about it. We discussed on how we visualize this dream and wanted to challenge ourselves to pen it down. One thing led to another and we had a script ready for the first episode, which we have submitted for the film festival.

After Hour : What did you find the hardest, the starting or being able to keep going?

Kapil : Taking the plunge is always difficult. Once you are in the water, there is no option but to find your way to swim and reach the shore. So indeed, starting remains the biggest hurdle to cross.

After Hour : As avid travelers and documentary film-makers, did you experience any culture shock while travelling to different parts of the country?

Kapil : We would not use the word culture shock, rather diversity of the big country, called India. One needs to experience the different cultures and rituals to recognize and respect the unity in the diversity.

  • After Hour : At the end of the day, what keeps you going as documentary film-makers? Is it the excitement of being able to unfold the unknown? How do you look at it?

Kapil : Our goal is to help bring tourism to places which are not on the to do list of a traveler. This will help generate income for locals within the area and also help with upkeep of these diamonds which are somewhat lost in oblivion for now

After Hour : What are your upcoming projects?

Kapil : 200 years ago, one big source of knowledge was travel and it stills hold true.India is vast and within the realms of this lovely country, one can be exposed to wildlife, spiritualism, adventure, hills, beaches, rain forests, you name it.Our plan is to make ROAM into a travel series, where we shall bringoff beat India to audiences all over the globe. We want to break the cliché that travel shows are slow and boring. ROAM is fast paced, taking people to the unknown India and giving them an experience of a lifetime.

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