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A New Christmas And A New Beginning

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The poster of A New Christmas, directed by Dani Tenenbaum.

A New Christmas tells the story of hope and new beginnings. The spirit of Christmas, or any other festivity for that matter, brings in a sense of exhilaration and the longing to be with the ones we love, and a strange sort of melancholy that is pleasurable and painful at the same time. We won't be letting out any spoilers by discussing any further about the movie. However, we got in touch with the male lead of the film, Mr. Prashantt Guptha and had a heartfelt conversation with him.

After Hour: How do you think the spirit of Christmas or any other festivity inspire a human being?

Prashantt : I genuinely believe the "feel-good" factor attached to certain festivals really inspires people. Thanksgiving inspires one to be grateful, New Years inspires us to make new resolutions, Diwali in India inspires us to bring light into our homes and lives and some cultural holidays even inspire people to honour their passed relatives. As for Christmas, it's been my favorite holiday because I was born and raised in NYC before I moved to India to become a Bollywood actor. And Christmas inspires us to be joyful, spread joy, do charity, give gifts, and end the year on a happy note and praise the Lord. 

After Hour : A New Christmas is a feature film. Which format do you think is easier for storytelling, a feature film or a short film?

Prashantt : I think features are easier, purely in terms of having a longer duration to get a story, message and point across. Winston Churchill had once said that he doesn't dread the long speeches, it's the short ones that he has to really prepare for. Barring this one aspect, making a feature combines the energy one goes through from the first date to the first born.

After Hour : How do you think Bollywood has matured over the years?

Prashantt : Off the top of my head and based on my year's of experience here, I could only point out two ways: The web based entertainment platforms have definitely allowed stronger voices to emerge, bolder content and newer talent. Secondly, the audiences have started rejecting mediocrity, albeit featuring superstars. 

After Hour : How has your journey been as an actor? 

Prashantt : The answer to this question is actually a documentary in the making. I've answered this question so many times that I recently got the idea of producing a documentary on 'what is Bollywood - from an outsider's perspective.' I used to like to give glorious expositions about the journey, but I'll just simply say today, "it's like climbing  Everest; not knowing if you'll ever each the summit or make it safely back down." Please do have a look at these two articles: 

After Hour : As an actor what kind of films do you enjoy doing?

Prashantt : The kind that allow me to become a character I haven't played before, the kind that release to see the light of day, and most importantly, the kind that stay with audiences long after they have completed the viewing. 

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