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A Brief Chat With Sejiane Belmont About A Deadly Wish

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

No, don't get perplexed seeing the title. A Deadly Wish is a Noir short film directed by Sejiane Belmont and it portrays the last few moments of the life of a dying man. Macabre and hard hitting, the film is unique in its approach. We chatted up with Sejiane to find out more.

After Hour : Please tell us how you got associated with films. What made you interested in them?

Sejiane : It's all about passion of storytelling. It was verbal during my childhood (fairy tales) then by writing during my teen period (short stories) and now I chose the visual way of telling stories (screenplays). And as you may know, cinema is a religion in India. 

After Hour : Your film, A Deadly Wish has won the title of Best Noir Short, what drew you to this genre?

Sejiane : Thank you for the recognition. My 1st love is French/English literature (Maupassant, Poe for example), from those I got a taste regarding fantasy, horror and the Noir genre came from  the US/ENG movies from the 40's/50's especially with A.Hitchcock or F.Lang. 

After Hour : You wore three hats for A Deadly Wish; Writer, Producer and Director; which one did you enjoy the most and why?

Sejiane : No doubt, the writer's hat because the story is conceived in your mind and then you have to give "birth"to it in the form of a script. So, I enjoyed the monologue in which each word had its importance and then came the direction part.

After Hour : When you produce a film, what aspects of it do you consider and what influences your decision?

Sejiane : The originality of the screenplay, the emotion of the characters and the low budget help making mind for the project.

After Hour : Which are the genres other than Noir, appeal to your creative mind?

Sejiane : Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Science fiction, Action

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